Szamanka (1996)

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My second favorite Zulawski (RIP) movie after Possession. Iwona Petry’s performance is nothing short of amazing.

Zulawski on casting Petry:

She [Petry] never acted before. I found her in a cafe; I saw every possible young actress in Poland in order to cast the film, and I was so really nervous and then happy to the point of saying “I won’t do the film” because they are trained young actresses in an obvious way; “I’m an actress, I can act” Yeah! You can act, but I don’t want to look at you acting, that’s the problem. She was a student at the University, extremely poor and she just entered into a café and she had these red hands because it was cold, and I was with the producer and I said “this is her”. He said “are you mad?”, and we… she… did it.

Soundtrack supplied by the legendary Polish composer and frequent Zulawski collaborator Andrzej Korzynski.