Does Working For Goldman Sachs Make You A Giant Asshole?

Interesting op-ed by Tony Manfred, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University and the Associate Editor of The Cornell Sun, on how Goldman Sachs stalks and recruits new talent amongst college graduates on campuses across the coutry:

Goldman Sachs is a criminal money factory with a vast network of alumni who occupy the most powerful positions in the financial-regulatory world, effectively protecting the bank from any economic threat — governmental or otherwise — such that the bank is free to suck every bit of profit out of every corner of American life, regardless of collateral damage, like an impossibly large vacuum cleaner whose belly fills not with dirt and hair destined for the garbage, but dollars and cents destined for the already bulging pockets of the upper-class.


There is nothing we can do to stop Goldman Sachs. […] Most importantly, as students, we can cut the bullshit and tell our friends that, yes, working for Goldman Sachs does make you a bad person.

Throw Goldman Sachs Off Campus [CornellDailySun]

November 17, 2010  |